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Yashira is a Jacksonville, FL outfit characterized by a crushing sound touched with ambient influences that stands out as memorable and refreshing. The band is comprised of Dylan Mikos (guitar), Connor Anderson (guitar), and Luke Barber (bass) who all contribute vocals while being driven by Seth Howard (drums) to create a focused wall of sound that puts the music first, devoid of a singular frontman. Yashira seamlessly blends the concrete heaviness of Neurosis, the intricacies of Gorguts and Converge, and the delicate soundscapes of ISIS, all while still sounding uniquely their own.


Forming in 2015, the band wasted no time putting out their EP “We Find Ourselves in the Grief of Others” that November and hitting the road immediately following its release. After garnering a fascinated audience with the EP, Yashira signed with Good Fight Music in early 2018 and released their debut LP “Shrine” on April 13th, 2018. The album received critical acclaim for its crossover appeal and ability to touch on different emotions and styles of music in a particularly natural way. With no signs of slowing, Yashira is currently supporting “Shrine” with a live show that is equal parts vociferous and honest.”

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