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Few metal heads would say the name WAKE isn’t synonymous with “relentless”. Over the last decade, consistent ethics, back-to-back tours, and a veritable stream of releases have turned this humble grinding metal outfit into a Canadian institution.

Misery Rites, WAKE’s sophomore album, delivers nine thunderously crushing songs and takes a harsh, introspective, and shattering look into the deep, interdimensional corners of intimate struggle. Vocalist Kyle Ball explains, “Misery Rites is a concept that contains personal struggle with depression, addiction and isolation. It also follows a theme of cycles, the main cycle being the metaphorical killing of the person you hate being only to eventually end up back in the same place, just to start the cycle again.” WAKE face their inner torment with fury and weave dark, caustic guitar playing and bludgeoning drums to create the raw, dark terror throughout Misery Rites.  

From early tours leaning on nothing but the DIY release of Surrounded By Human Filth, to multiple Maryland Deathfest appearances, and European tours with Relapse Records artists PRIMITIVE MAN, they released LPs via the inimitable Nerve Altar records. Logging tens of thousands of miles alone in the middle of the USA or with a host of America’s best heavy bands, WAKE have proved that over the course of the decade, their workload and fury are never-ending.  After releasing Misery Rites with Translation Loss Records to critical acclaim, a full US outing with Season Of Mist artists WITHERED and various festival appearances, WAKE carry on the same as usual in 2019 and beyond – scorning the weak, ignoring the trends, and digging heels into the road.  

Misery Rites has received high praise from Noisey, Decibel, Revolver, and the like.  Misery Rites charted at #3 on Canadian national and college radio and has held at #7 on Canadian national and college radio since their record release on February 23, 2018.

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