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The band Varg was founded in 2005 by Freki and has released two Full-length Albums and one Split Album by now.
The first album “Wolfszeit” was released in 2007 and written by the first Line-Up, consisting of Freki (Lead Guitar), Fenrier (Drums), Geri (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) and Skol (Bass). This Album had a great impact on the Underground Pagan Metal Scene and pushed the band forward very well.
Soon after the release of that album, Geri and Skol decided to leave the band due to musical differences and Draugr (Vocals), Hati (Rhythm Guitar) and Managarm (Bass & Backing Vocals) took their places. Under this Line-Up the Split Album “Schildfront Germania” was released with Minas Morgul in 2008.After playing lots of concerts and bigger festival shows in 2008 and 2009, Draugr decided to put focus on his work and family and in turn left the band. Conveniently Freki took his place and with Skalli the band found someone refilling his place at the lead guitar.
On the 29st of January 2010 “Blutaar” was released together with the new major label Noise Art Records. This album takes the typical Varg sound to a new level of rude thoroughgoingness and thicker sound.

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