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Temple of Void

Temple of Void is an uncompromising collaboration from the depths of Detroit. Comprising of five musicians who have put in decades of time in the Detroit underground, ToV entered this world with singular focus and methodical execution from the start. ToV harkens back to the somber sound of early British doom, while channeling the energy and devastation of old school American death metal. But ToV is far more than the sum of its parts. Temple of Void destroys.


Formed in 2013, the band self-released their demo to widespread underground acclaim. The relentless nature of the band yielded three albums, two splits, and a compilation appearance spread over eight different labels across four different countries. Their second album, “Lords of Death,” in its third pressing, set the stage for the new album which Decibel has called "one of the most anticipated releases of 2020." Championed by high profile metalheads, the underground, and the press alike, TOV is poised to fucking explode with the release of “The World that Was.”  

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