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Teeth is a dissonant death metal band based in the Los Angeles area. The group's first LP "Unremittance" was released in November 2014, fusing influences from death metal, grindcore, doom and sludge metal. They promptly began playing around
the southern California area, providing support for established touring acts such as Crowbar, Eyehategod, Ulcerate, Incantation, Cult Leader and Primitive Man. In June 2016, a split 7" with St. Louis doom heavyweights Fister was released on Broken Limbs records. This release featured two songs with a denser, faster and more adventurous approach than the first full length. Later in October 2016, Teeth released a split with New Orlean's based Barghest on GrimCvlt records. This release featured one linear piece of music over twenty three minutes in duration, containing further explorations at tonality's fringes. In November 2019 the group released their second LP entitled "The Curse of Entropy" on Translation Loss Records. This second full length is by far the band's most focused, unrelenting and refined material. The group has plans to tour extensively in 2020 in support of the new record.

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