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Misery Index

MISERY INDEX combine the ferocity and precision of death metal with the chaotic attack of Grindcore, Hardcore and Crust. MISERY INDEX set no limits in their goal of making death metal and grind flow together, drawing influence from the classic Death and Grind releases of the early 90’s, such as those from MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH, EDGE OF SANITY, TERRORIZER, DISRUPT, BOLT THROWER, ASSUCK and ENTOMBED, among others. The imagery and lyrical concepts are also very critical to the band, and one can expect that in the true nature of the genre, MISERY INDEX will catapult their anger to the forefront, shoving the depravity of our planet right back in the face of all who passively accept the status quo (and have considerable fun while doing it).

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Daniel DeFonce


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