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H I V E is a progressive metal band based out of Chicago. They formed in 2016 with the release of their debut self-titled EP which quickly gained traction and praise among the metal community. In 2018, they released two stand-alone singles which were followed by the release of “The Mirthless Kind” EP in 2019. The Mirthless Kind perfectly showcased the dark and hostile approach that H I V E has been using since their formation. They are known for harsh, unrelenting vocals accompanied by unorthodox rhythms, aggressive riffs, eerie atmospheres, and paralyzing grooves. H I V E’s dark and sinister attitude has been infused into their sound as well as their aesthetic. Their fans have learned to anticipate a display of extreme ferocity in all areas of their music, artwork, and live performance. H I V E continues to prove time and time again that they will live up to their reputation for delivering the darkest content imaginable in a bold statement to humanity.

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