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First Fragment

With the recent release of the band's debut album "Dasein" in May 2016, Montreal's First Fragment have caught the attention of many shred fanatics worldwide with their adventurous and eclectic sound. Combining 80's neoclassical metal, flamenco and extreme metal influences, the music of First Fragment is a bold and over-the-top "monument of shred," despite it's structural and harmonic simplicity. Formed in 2007, First Fragment quickly drew attention of the underground after releasing numerous demos, and their debut EP "The Afterthought Ecstasy" as a three piece. It wasn't long until the band made their official entry in the scene afterwards with a full-line-up until eventually getting the attention of Californian-based label Unique Leader Records to release their debut album. Years later, First Fragment remains as strong as ever and unchanged to their core, and in their common obsession : To dominate the world. Onward!

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