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Ether Coven

Following the dissolution of vocalist and guitarist Peter Kowlasky’s prior band, Remembering Never, the sound of Ether came into focus. Born from lengthy van conversations about New Orleans sludge bands including Acid Bath and Eyehategod and a desperation to create a sound the members had always been fans of, Ether became an outlet for brooding riffs and frayed emotions: the striking sound that would ultimately evolve into their Century Media debut, There Is Nothing Left For Me Here.


In 2016 the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based quartet (the creative core of the band rounded out by fellow guitarist/vocalist Devin Estep and RN drummer Danny Burger) self-released their debut album, Human Error, a blueprint for the ominous sounds to come, on their own Dead Truth Recordings. By that point, Ether had survived a number of false-starts and hiatuses while members dealt with the personal issues spelt out in music that already elevated them from being a mere “Doom Band”. A year later, when it came time to write There Is Nothing Left For Me Here, the sound of Ether had become more dynamic: incorporating a Swans-like sense of melody and riffs that embraced the death metal legacy of their native state. Combined with a lyrical sentiment that dealt with the struggles of a recent divorce, the horrors of capitalism, the current state of American politics and the detriment of western culture, Ether was honing a sound that balanced heavy and delicate to create something undeniably broken and haunting.


In that spirit, the sound of Ether live, is just as intense a proposition. The four musicians onstage vex together a performance that’s heavy both musically and emotionally. No strangers to hard work, the band has already extensively toured the Eastern United States and Canada on self-booked, DIY tours that have found them sharing bills with the likes of Thou, Eyehategod, Cro-Mags, The Body, and Torche amongst others. With West Coast and European tours in the planning stage for 2020 and new album being released for Century Media, "Everything is Temporary Except Suffering,"  Ether is only upping their ante: no less passionate, no less pissed.

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