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Equipoise was founded in August of 2015 by Nick Padovani as a result of he and Zach Hohn writing riffs in the summer. Nick began transcribing these riffs into Guitar Pro in August, which is where he began to start adding instruments and ultimately complete songs. After a few months of playing around with ideas, Nick had written up a full album's worth of material.

Nick presented this material to Stevie Boiser and Hugo Karout, who obviously agreed to join, and Equipoise soon became a reality. Jimmy Pitts also joined the ranks of Equipoise in late June of 2016. We also joined The Artisan Era in late July.

Our EP, Birthing Homunculi is out now!

As of 2017, we have picked up the guitar master himself, Phil Tougas! 
As of late 2017, we have picked up drumming maestro Chason Westmoreland, as well as guitar wizard Sanjay Kumar.

Their debut album 'Demiurgus' was released in 2019 via The Artisan Era.

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